Introducing America’s Goals for 2030

To promote prosperity, reduce inequality, and protect our children’s futures, we need bold goals to take on the challenges of sustainable development in the United States. Through extensive consultations with thought leaders, practitioners, and policymakers, these goals will help set a better course for America and encourage policy solutions to improve lives for all. Read the America’s Goals Report for 2018 here.

America’s Goals answer a call for improved social mobility, equitable access to opportunity, and sustainable environmental conditions. They set hard targets on education, health, and infrastructure, including water, transportation, broadband access, and more. Designed to inspire real change, America’s goals will be a much-needed mobilizing blueprint for the country.

In the United States, with our wealth of knowledge, technology, and skills, we have the capacity to achieve tremendous progress. By setting ambitious, long-term goals and uniting people across the country, the United States can work towards improving the lives of our citizens. We can lead the world through demonstrating how effective goal-setting, combined with new technologies and serious policy development and implementation, can create a more just and sustainable society. At SDG USA, we aim to promote social, economic and environmental solutions to improve the lives people living all across America, for generations to come.

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