Launching SDG USA

Learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals and the mission of SDG USA.

What are the SDGs?

SDG USA supports the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs), adopted by world leaders to mobilize efforts to tackle the great challenges of our time. The goals provide a holistic framework, applicable to all countries, aiming to eradicate poverty and deprivation, but also to grow our economies, to protect our environment, and to promote peace and good governance.

SDG USA Philosophy

At SDG USA, we believe that the United States President and Congress should adopt the American Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. By engaging thought leaders, researchers, students, policymakers, and local communities to set an ambitious, science-based, inclusive agenda, we can achieve the deep change our nation desperately needs.

The table below demonstrates how the SDGs might be translated into targets for specific indicators relevant to the United States context. SDG USA is refining this list through discussions with policymakers and citizens.

SDG Indicator Actual 2015 Target 2030
SDG 1 End Poverty Poverty Rate 17% 8%
SDG 2 Nutrition Obesity Rate 34% 10%
SDG 3 Health Life expectancy 78 Years 85 Years
SDG 4 Education Student debt $1 trillion $200 billion
SDG 5 Gender Equality Women in Congress 19.4% 50%
SDG 6 Water Water stress (WRI) 2.9/5.0 1.0/5.0
SDG 7 Modern Energy Services Renewable energy as share of total 6.3% 30%
SDG 8 Decent Work Youth without work or training 15% 5%
SDG 9 Industry and Innovation R&D as share of GDP 2.8% 4%
SDG 10 Inequality Gini coefficient .41 .30
SDG 11 Sustainable Cities Wastewater treated 63.7% 100%
SDG 12 Sustainable Consumption Non-recycled waste per person 1.7 tons <1 ton
SDG 13 Climate Change CO2 emissions per person 17 tons <8 tons
SDG 14 Ocean Health Protected marine sites 34% 10%
SDG 15 Terrestrial Health Protected Terrestrial sites protected as share of total area 18.2% 50%
SDG 16 Peaceful Society Prison population 716/100,000 100/100,000
SDG 17 Global Partnership Development aid (%GDP) 0.17% 0.7%

SDGs in Action

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network has launched an initiative to support the SDG agenda in three pilot cities in the US: New York, New York; Baltimore, Maryland; and San Jose, California.